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What Are Your Sinuses?

Your sinuses are hollow cavities behind the cheek and above the upper teeth, which consist of a boney border and a thin, silk-like lining on the inside called a membrane. The roots of your upper back teeth extend either into the sinus cavity or just under it. When teeth are removed, the floor of the sinus often migrates downward, resulting in a thin wall of bone left between the sinus and the mouth. This thin bone may not be strong enough to support a dental implant.


What Is Sinus Augmentation?

Sinus augmentation (elevation) is a procedure that elevates the sinus membrane. West LA Implants uses a unique and minimally invasive technique to elevate the sinus membrane, place bone graft material, which comes from a bone bank, onto the sinus floor. This creates space and bone volume for implants of adequate size to be placed either simultaneously or at a later date.


Why Do I Need Augmentation?

Here are some reasons for sinus augmentation:
• Bone loss: this is a common reason due to missing teeth
• Sinuses are too large, leaving insufficient room for an implant
• Damaged bone or pathology, such as tumors or cysts


Are There Any Side Effects?

Sinus augmentation is commonly done with minor side effects and little risk. The benefit is having the ability to place implants where they otherwise could not be placed.

Are Your Sinuses Strong Enough?

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