Methods Of Replacing Missing Teeth In Los Angeles, CA!

a dental implant patient missing a tooth

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Years ago, adults who lost teeth had very few options to replace them. Fortunately, dentistry and technology have advanced tremendously. Treatment solutions such as dental implants and implant-supported dentures help people with missing teeth in Los Angeles, CA, and beyond recover the physical, the health, and the personal benefits of having a complete smile.

Anyone missing a tooth will appreciate knowing all the options that are available. First, though, understanding the importance of tooth replacement is recommended by dentists.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Address Missing Teeth? 

Anyone can lose a tooth for a number of reasons. For instance, an individual may have a tooth that becomes so decayed or damaged that it falls out on its own. Another person may have a tooth knocked out due to trauma or require a professional extraction. The result is one fewer tooth.

It might seem surprising, but missing a single tooth anywhere in the mouth can lead to many immediate and long-term problems, including:

  • Difficulty eating certain foods.
  • Difficulty speaking clearly.
  • Difficulty feeling comfortable in social situations.
  • Movement of adjacent teeth.
  • Progressive jawbone recession at the site of the missing tooth.

These are not small concerns. This is why dentists will suggest that their patients consider expert tooth replacement as soon as possible.

Top Types of Tooth Replacements

Each adult with a missing tooth has a few choices when it comes to replacing missing teeth in Los Angeles, CA.


What happens if you still have your tooth but assume it will need to be removed or is at risk of falling out? If it is at least 50% as stable as a healthy tooth, it may be able to be saved. However, a dentist will need to ensure it is strong, remove any damaged parts, and cover the part you can see with a tooth-colored dental crown made from a high-quality, durable material.


A dental bridge is a prosthetic device custom-crafted to replace the appearance of a missing tooth. Bridges require preparation and alternation of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth because they serve as the supports for the replacement prosthetic tooth. Bridges help keep your smile from shifting but do not stop the jawbone from weakening where the tooth was lost.


Most people have heard of removable dentures. These dental devices are made to sit on top of the gums. Partial dentures can be created to replace just a few teeth, whereas full arch dentures are intended to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower arch. Dentures will have to be replaced every five years or so because they will stop fitting properly due to jawbone loss.

Single Dental Implants:

A single implant will permanently replace a missing tooth for a lifetime. Topped with a dental crown, the implant can handle nearly all the biting and chewing force that a natural tooth would. Best of all, a dental implant stimulates the jawbone around it, reducing the risk of bone loss.

Implant-Supported Dentures:

Implant-supported dentures are prosthetic denture devices supported and stabilized by a few precisely placed dental implants. They may be fixed or removable. These are great possibilities for people missing several teeth in a row or missing a full arch of teeth.

Full Arch Dental Implants:

Like implant-supported dentures, full arch dental implants such as All-on-4® implants give you back your smile and your bone health. However, they stay in place and are not removable. That way, you can gain back full functionality and appearance without the need to spend extra time fussing with removable dentures.

How Will You Replace Your Missing Teeth in Los Angeles, CA?

Now that you know you can remedy the gaps in your smile, why not talk with a cosmetic dentist? Dr. Tony Barriere has spent his career focusing on the latest, safest ways to help patients get dream smiles. From dental implants to porcelain veneers, he has the expertise and technological tools to help you achieve your goals.

Call us at West LA Implants to arrange your first consultation with Dr. Barriere.

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