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Your Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge Options in Los Angeles, California

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The effects of losing your teeth can be devastating. There is a way to recover your missing teeth and regain the self-confidence that comes with a smile. Full-mouth dental implants are implants that are used if you are missing all of your teeth. One of the procedures that can be done is called an implant-supported fixed bridge.

The First Step to Placing Implants

The procedure for an implant-supported fixed bridge takes more time than a single implant. In most cases, you will have multiple implants placed into your jaw. It will take about two to six months for the implants to bond to form an anchor for your bridge. You will have to anticipate about eight to ten office visits. The amount of visits depends on each case and specific conditions. You will be wearing temporary teeth while the implants are healing.

The Second Step to Placing Implants

The second part of this procedure is necessary to uncover the implants and attach extensions. These steps allow a foundation for the new teeth to be placed. With some cases, you can get a one-step implant and will not have to do step two. With this implant, you will be getting new teeth that will be attached by tightening down on the implant. Most patients have reported that the procedure was much more comfortable than they had thought it would be.

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West Los Angeles Dental Implants Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge on implants is a great permanent solution. The bridge is completely customized to each patient’s needs and situation. This implant-supported bridge is non-removable from the mouth by the patient. It is also palate-less, which means nothing will be covering the roof of your mouth. You can replace a full set of missing teeth with dental implants and a fixed bridge. This creates a natural, highly aesthetic look and is a stable, permanent fix to missing teeth. This procedure will let you eat and function like you would with natural teeth. It also preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss.

Get the Leading Oral Restoration Procedure

Before dental implants, there was no other fixed bridge solution for missing teeth, but with the advancement in modern dentistry, it is now possible to replace a full set of teeth. Dental implants with a fixed bridge offer a permanent, reliable, secure, natural-looking and beautiful solution. We feel that the fixed bridge implant is the leading oral restoration procedure in replacing a full set of missing teeth.

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