Do Robots Really Do Dental Implant Procedures?

Oral surgeon explaining x-ray to dental implant patient

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Afraid of getting dental implants because of human error? Dental implants are a serious decision and so the risk of failure has driven many away because of how much implants cost. That is why we use the Yomi robotic guide. Yomi, our robotic dental assistant, can help limit that human error to nearly zero!

Despite Yomi’s precision, many people may be skeptical about a robot being used in dental implant procedure. We use technology to assist our doctors in providing the most reliable results for you, not to replace them. Here at West LA Implants, we believe this is future of dental implants. Here is how we utilize Yomi to create perfect dental implants for you.


How Does Yomi Help?

Yomi is a robot that uses 3D Guided technology to help guide a doctor’s hand into the exact perfect spot to make an incision for placing dental implants. This is because Yomi follows the exact 3D digital model of your mouth made in an initial consultation.

These scans create a 3D landscape of your mouth that is identical to your mouth. This is because of our combination of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scans and our CAD/CAM software which allows for the full mouth to be mapped. Once dental implants have been planned using this software, they are uploaded to Yomi who is controlled by the doctor and guides to where the implant sites are according to the plan.

What all of this means for you is a quicker procedure as a doctor does not have to peel back the gums to make sure the exact spot on the plan is being met. Because the procedure can go smoothly and with less cuts being made your recovery time is also quicker. This makes the time you have to a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile a shorter wait than ever before!


Using Technology for Precise Results

Because we combine the use of these different technology, we can guarantee a zero-failure risk where other offices may not be able to. Our Yomi robot allows us to have more precision in placing implants than ever before. Combined with our CBCT, we are able to customize dental implant options for everyone and provide them with a same day smile.


If you are interested in giving us a chance on guiding you to a perfect smile, consider scheduling a consultation so we can understand your specific needs and desires in getting dental implants. You can give us a call at (310) 692-9316 to schedule a meeting with Dr. Tony Barriere at our Los Angeles office. Start your process for a brand new smile today!

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