Do I Have To Extract All My Teeth To Get Dental Implants?

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Having a couple of damaged teeth can be really irritating. From how it impacts our smiles, to not being able to eat our favorite foods, missing teeth impact a lot of our health and well-being. But when only a few teeth are damaged, are there options for dental implants where not all teeth have to be extracted? Yes! With single dental implants or partial dentures, one or a few missing teeth can be replaced with ease. Here is what you could expect from these options in Western Los Angeles! 


Single Dental Implants

Single dental implants are great options for those who have one or a couple of broken or decayed teeth. Single dental implants work just as well as full-arch dental implants but do not require the removal of all of your teeth! The only parts removed are any remaining damaged teeth so that the implant can be placed, leaving all your healthy teeth intact!

These dental implants work like many others. A procedure is undertaken to set a post into the jawline for the stability of the implant. Then, after time has been left for healing, a crown is fastened atop the post that matches the color of your other teeth matching them in strength and aesthetics.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are also a great and affordable option for those who are needing to replace teeth. Partial dentures are supported using your healthy teeth to gap the area where your teeth are missing. This option allows for you to have the functionality of a tooth but not necessarily the aesthetics of one. But, this is a great option for those who may not be able to afford dental implants.

A great part about partial dentures is they do not require long surgery appointments. Once the tooth is removed, nothing is being placed into the gums or jawline that would take time to start having the functional results you have been waiting for.


What Option Is Best For You?

In some cases, having missing teeth can cause other teeth to become damaged or decay. Whilst they may not have the same appearance as the initial tooth, they still may not be viable to support partial dentures or last long next to single dental implants. There are many full-arch options from implants to hybrid fixed detachable dentures. Ultimately, we at West LA Implants want to provide the best, longest-lasting option for you. That is why we work with you, discuss what options you have available, and what we would recommend as the best options for your personal needs.

If you are struggling in Los Angeles with missing teeth, consider making an appointment to meet with Dr. Tony Barriere to figure out what options are best for you. You may contact us by calling (310) 692-9316. We are always taking on new clients to bring back the smiles you have been missing!

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