Grow Back Your Jawbone

Bone Regeneration Services in Los Angeles, California

The Importance of Bone Volume


It is very important to maintain bone volume following the removal of a tooth. This helps to ensure that future implants can be placed in the best possible position. After a removal of a tooth, a bone graft should be placed into the extracted site to prevent the jawbone from atrophying.

Bone Regeneration Restores Volume

Having sufficient bone volume will allow for implant placement. Bone regeneration is a surgical procedure that requires the placement of your own bone or bone powder (from a tissue bank) into a periodontal bone defect. The bone will graft and allow for new bone to proliferate. This is how the bone regeneration process in a diseased site is possible.

The Jawbone Atrophies Without a Root

Over time, the jawbone associated with the missing tooth atrophies and reabsorbs. This leaves a very poor condition and poor quality of bone suitable for the placement of dental implants. These patients will need to have some form of bone regeneration in order to have dental implants. Having the ability to grow the bone where needed gives the opportunity to place implants of proper length and width.

Techniques Allow for Regeneration

The systems of wound healing now allows for regeneration of bone to happen. In this process, they will cut open the gingival or gum tissues to expose the bone and then augment the existing or remaining bone by adding bone-grafting materials to it. Bone regeneration in implant dentistry is a common procedure in periodontal and oral surgery.

We Ensure Your Jaw Is Ready for Implants

The First Step Is to Check the Bone


The periodontist or dentist will assess how much bone is actually needed. This is an important part in considering regenerating bone. Autograft (auto-self graft tissue transplant) is where you can select an area of your own jawbone. The living source of bone cells has certain advantages in autografts that can help with the regeneration of new bone.

The Two Main Types of Bone Grafts

There are many different types of grafting materials, including an allograft, whichuses tissue from the same species like another person or a xenograft, which uses tissue from a different species like an animal or synthetic or man-made material. All these products are safe. They have been processed for safe use in humans. Your body utilizes bone-grafting materials as scaffolds for bone regeneration, allowing your body to replace the graft material with its own bone.

Bone Grafts and Implants Together

Occasionally an implant can be placed with a bone graft at the same time, allowing new bone to be regenerated at the same time, provided there is enough of your own natural bone to stabilize the implant when it is placed.

Get a Safe and Routine Treatment

Bone regeneration for implant dentistry is a routine procedure in periodontal and oral surgery. The idea of the bone regeneration surgery is to build new bone. Consult with Dr. Barriere, a periodontist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who can properly assess your individual situation.

Has Your Jawbone Atrophied?